Rochester College

Marketing Beyond the Books with Rochester College

Rochester College (RC) is a small Christian College with big ambitions to grow enrollment for its traditional undergrad programs. Results from their previous digital marketing efforts had been stagnant, so RC engaged PUSH 22 to help them re-evaluate their strategy and re-invigorate email marketing for the upcoming school year.

Freshening Up

A well-designed website and optimized landing pages are the foundation of every digital marketing campaign, so before we began targeting emails, we refreshed and reorganized By updating the functionality of the site for mobile responsiveness, we put in place a key piece of digital marketing infrastructure for the college.

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Campus Visits

The RC team knew from experience that students who visited the college during the recruiting process are 80% more likely to become full-time students. So we made campus visits (Warrior Fridays) a priority on every piece of content.

Engagement and Enrollment

The 2014 campaign was a tremendous success. Email open and clickthrough rates were significantly higher than in previous years. Attendance at Warrior Fridays was also up and, not surprisingly, RC saw its largest recruiting class — nearly 10% larger than the previous best.


Building Up Mind, Body, and Soul

The UP campaign featured bright colors and bright smiles for a visual tone, while messaging spoke to the unique opportunities, such as a Fatih-based approach to education, available at RC. In keeping with the strategy, we made Warrior Friday the always present and enticing CTA.

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