Sharing the Journey | Medical Weight Loss Clinic

A True Transformation

Medical Weight Loss Clinic (MWLC) has been helping Midwesterners successfully lose weight since the late 1980s. While the business continued to grow and evolve, their advertising approach had not. So, they turned to the PUSH 22 team for help.

A New Look. A New Logo

We started our efforts by refreshing the MWLC logo and identity. In addition to updating the logo with the “transformative” butterfly element, we also convinced MWLC that the time was right to refresh the company’s well-known jingle.

30 Years: An Amazing Journey

In 2015, MWLC celebrated its 30th anniversary—a major milestone—and asked us to weave the story into TV, radio, and print. The new spots asked MWLC clients to share their stories and most importantly, what inspired them to finally take the first step on their own weight loss “journey.”

Simple, Not Easy

Proven healthy strategies. Simple rules. And the support you need to stick with it. Our spots broke down the key benefits that separate MWLC from the universe of weight loss fads and diets – then inspired with personal stories from clients who have proven that MWLC’s approach is a perfect fit.

Ready for Radio

“I was driving by, saw your sign and decided to stop in” is one of the most common reasons new clients cite for visiting MWLC clinics, which makes radio an important part of the media spend. The new spots extended the campaign’s storytelling approach and allowed us to use some great soundbites that didn’t make the cut for TV.