Crittenton Hospital-ity

Bringing Hospitals and Hospitality Together

The Crittenton Hospital Medical Center team was looking for a way to breathe new life into their brand, and turned to us for help. They felt their current tagline “Get Better Here,” lacked a compelling reason, and the messaging focus needed to shift.


Working from the idea of “seeing the person beyond the patient,” we developed an encompassing tagline to build a campaign around: Hospital-ity! It became a smashing success, winning awards and positive recognition from people who felt the message resonated with them.


Like all good campaigns, Hospital-ity became a unifying theme that drove marketing for all of Crittenton’s key specialties — from Sports Medicine to Cardiovascular Health.


Our integrated media strategy combined broadcast, online, and outdoor media. Campaigns were created to spotlight key specialties such as orthopedics, cardiovascular, and emergency services, as well as to promote pioneering procedures like the XP ligament-retaining total knee replacement.


South Tower Opening

In 2014, Crittenton asked us to help promote their new South Tower. With 87 additional private rooms, a healing garden, dedicated orthopedic, cardiovascular and surgical floors, the tower was more than just bricks and steel and the messaging represented that.

TV Spots