Running Faster and Smarter

5ME, a supplier of technology, tools and insights to the manufacturing industry, was emerging from a corporate restructure but while the company had a strong business plan, it didn’t yet have a brand or marketing strategy in place to support it. With help from PUSH 22, 5ME established a messaging and inbound marketing plan to generate qualified leads and provide a strong base for long-term marketing success.

Putting the Brand First

In the competitive global manufacturing business, it’s not enough to walk the walk – you’ve got to run. We turned this basic insight into a campaign that puts the spotlight on the many ways 5ME solutions can help manufacturers to RUN faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Mapping the buyers journey

Mapping The Buyer’s Journey

To activate the new brand, we built an inbound marketing program that focused on lead generation for 5ME’s smart manufacturing and patented cryogenic machining technologies. Since the sales cycle for 5ME’s technology is usually a long one, our inbound plan included content for prospects at each key stage in the sales process.

Inbound in Action

For cryogenic machining, we created three primary content assets: a technical white paper, a fact sheet which dispels myths associated with older cryogenic technologies, and a “A Cold Hard Fact Sheet” which provided a quick breakdown on the benefits of 5ME Cryo. Using a series of blog posts, print and banner ads, and Calls to Action (CTAs), we began establishing 5ME as a thought leader and pulling prospects through to our landing pages.

See 5ME’s inbound marketing in action.

5ME landing page

Impressive Results

The campaign had an impressive impact with year-over-year leads increasing by more than 250%. Best of all, 5ME’s content investment continues to pay dividends with new and existing content. In the first month of 2017 alone, content offers netted 82 new submissions and 50 new leads, proving the lasting power of well-crafted CTAs to draw interest and generate new business.

Seeing is Believing

We also shot a series of inexpensive videos showcasing which showed the cryogenic machining equipment in action. To add flair and an “action” perspective to this tradeshow video, we shot inside the machine during the cutting process with a GoPro.